10 tools to create an iPhone App

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There are tons of apps that are being created for any type of iPhone that has been out in the market. Especially now that Apple has recently launched its newest eye candy which is the iPhone5. With the technology nowadays you can easily create and edit your own software with the help of online tools as well as programmers to do the job for you. Here are a few websites that would actually help you in creating your very own iPhone app, although there’s no harm in trying, who knows your app might be the next best app that’s out to hit the world by storm. Here’s a list of online tools that you can use to create your iPhone App:

1. iUI – consists of CSS, JavaScript library as well as images for you to develop advanced mobile webapps not only for iPhone but for comparable and compatible devices.

2. iWebKit – Based on an LGPL License, this site would make it easy for you to create the best quality when it comes to your iPhone and iPod touch apps. iWebKit, started as a small start-up company that made its way to the top in 4 months.

3. BiznessApps – Creating apps for your iPhone has never been this easy with the help of Bizness Apps. The company focuses mainly on small business site that allows them to easily create, manage and edit their apps online without even prior experience.

4. Sweb Apps – offers online service that allows almost anyone to create their own iPhone app from scratch. They offer pre-created templates that allow you to customize it using different backgrounds as well as using your own icons.

5. Kanchoo – An iPhone app creation tool specially designed for news organization, all you need to do is give the company your preferred iPhone app icon, a description of the iPhone app that would be used on the App Store and a splash screen preferably in .png format.

6. App Breeder – is another Do-it-yourself app builder site that offer pre designed collections of apps and gadgets that you can easily use for your iPhone app creation.

7. Build An App – an app builder designed to cater for Small Businesses and professional service organizations, that provides customizable templates that allows you to create your iPhone app from scratch.

8. Mobile Roadie – an app creator that caters to bands and help them in creating their own app that allows them to include Youtube videos, photos, lyrics, upcoming events plus you get to have a Virtual Wall that allows your followers to place in comments.

9. Game Salad – a tool that you can download to create Game Apps without knowing a thing or two about scripting or programming. The game apps that you create would be published either through the App Store or online via the web.

10. eBook App Maker- an app creator service that allows you to create and customize apps from iPhone with the data that you have from eBooks.


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Microsoft 8 The news

Microsoft 8 The news

Microsoft has recently announced the release of an upgrade to their Operating System. Windows 8 Release Preview, which is a stepping stone for the highly anticipated Windows 8. It was first announced in January 2011 by the developer’s of Microsoft while it started being known by consumers on February 29, 2012. The new Operating System was released on August 1,2012 and is already being manufactured. Although it’s availability to the public for purchase would be on October 26, 2012. There are a couple of things that were upgraded on the said version of Windows.

Some of the significant changes would be with the Graphical User Interface of the operating system as well as its platform. It offers a replacement for the Start Menu which is mainly used in Operating System’s predecessor which is the New Start Screen. Want to obtain new apps that would provide fluid and fast experience while emphasizing its touch screen input while it responds in the same manner as if you were using a mouse and keyboard. Since there are New Apps that are included in upgrade done by the Operating System, it not only highlights but it also provides a richer experience as you use it. Some of the apps that it includes News and Sports App, Bing Travel and Gaming apps that is integrated with the Operating Systems Zune Pass.

Although it is still at its Release Preview stage it would just be a matter of weeks, before we can get full access to the real deal. Aside from the new apps that are available for the O.S. it also features improvement when it comes to Photos, People and Mail apps that were initially launched in the Consumer Preview. Microsoft is now working closely with its business partners in providing the best apps that would be available in the Windows Store. Aside from the New Apps that they would be integrating in the software you would also notice the new personalization option when it comes to the Operating Systems Start Screen. It also allows you to easily download and find apps through the Windows Store. Another upgraded feature would be the Family Safety features. It also struts Internet Explorer 10 which redefines and takes it to a whole new level when it comes to your browsing experience. Optimized with Adobe Flash Player which is now integrated in Internet Explorer 10, which also features another upgrade that allows it to be the first ever browser to feature a “DO NOT TRACK” option.


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Why not buy a Nokia?

There are tons of phones that are out in the market right now. We mainly use it to communicate with our friends and loved ones. The most common brands of phones that are out in the market include iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC, Alcatel, Sony Ericsson and Nokia. These phones come in different price ranges and they also differ in the specs that they have to offer in the market. Sometimes we get confused on what phone to buy, this happens when we compare phone price vs. phone specs. If you are the kind of person that wants fancier stuff you would opt to look into the phone specs and the high end brands but if you are a simple person that just needs the phone for communication purposes then you can buy a cheap phone.

Nokia is considered to be one of the common household names when it comes to the mobile industry. Often being compared to Samsung and iPhone, Nokia sometimes doesn’t stand a chance when it comes to these two powerful phones if we talk about the specifications that they offer, but if you are tight in your budget and is seeking cheap phones than Nokia is the way to go. Most of the Nokia phones that are out in the market are have basic text and talk features, although most of their recent releases have almost the same specs as those of the iPhone and Samsung, you would see a big difference when it comes to battery life, camera and even data speeds which both iPhone and Samsung are known for.

Instead of buying a Nokia phone, why not opt for a phone that would last longer while providing you with distinct features. Nokia phones try to combat their way in the mobile industry although they are considered as one of the innovators when it comes to the phone business. Durability, quality and specs wise it would be advisable for you to purchase a different brand especially with the upgrades in the current technology that we are living in. Samsung and iPhone released their recent phone line that provides faster data speeds as well as the upgrades in the specs that each phone has from its predecessor. Although they might be on the more pricey side, you would surely get your money’s worth while it provides you with different features that are not available on most Nokia phones in the market.


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